Five Bands Besides The Eagles Who Made Radical Changes In Musical Direction

I accept that I was a little agnostic about affairs Hotel California, the iconic anthology that forty years afterwards is still advised the best by the Eagles. My dad years afore had been the aboriginal in our ancestors to ascertain the band, if he aboriginal heard “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the bounded AM bedrock station.

The bedrock and cycle activist that I was had capital no allotment of the Eagles, who to my adolescent ear amounted to annihilation added than a country band. They even had a banjo player, for arrant out loud.

Just a few years afterwards actuality I was affairs Hotel California afterwards audition the bedrock and cycle aspect that had been added forth with guitarist Joe Walsh. If Dad heard the appellation cut, he lamented on what a bad about-face the music of the Eagles had taken.

Four decades afterwards I can acknowledge both aspects of the band, its country offerings as able-bodied as its rock. Those aboriginal Bernie Leadon canicule produced some abundant tunes afore co-founders Glen Frey and Don Henley took their bandage in the added electric direction.

That transformation was not about as abolitionist as the changes undertaken by added continued active groups, usually afterwards departures and additions of bandage members. Actuality are 5 bedrock apparel whose music afflicted acutely over their continued tenures.

The Bee Gees

In the backward sixties the Australian brothers created aged hits such as “How Can You Mend a torn Heart?” and “I Started a Joke” about ten years afore they became antecedents in the Disco Era with songs like “Stayin’ Alive” and a host of others from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Fleetwood Mac

When bassist John McVie and bagman Mick Fleetwood founded their bandage in the mid sixties, they were abiding in dejection music. Guitarist-singer leaders like Bob Welch and Peter Green gave the accumulation a added consciousness-expanding complete on songs like ” Oh Well” and “Hypnotized” afore the backward seventies additions of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks put them at the actual top of the pop archive with the Rumours album.

Jefferson Airplane (Starship)

Grace Slick and assemblage played California consciousness-expanding bedrock with sixties singles like “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love” afore they years afterwards afresh charted with milder hits such as “Runaway” and “Miracles.” By the time the Jefferson had been alone from the name, the accumulation was about bugged on tunes like “We Built This City” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

REO Speedwagon

Their self-title admission from the aboriginal seventies was an all out bedrock album, complete with jam sessions in the average of continued songs. Singer Terry Lutrell larboard and was replaced by Kevin Cronin afore the additional deejay was completed, and from again on the quintet would be more pop oriented.

Deep Purple

Richie Blackmore and his adolescent associates aboriginal became accepted for charting with awning versions of pop singers Neil Diamond (“Kentucky Woman”) and Joe South (“Hush”), but a few years afterwards they helped ascertain the harder bedrock bearing of the aboriginal seventies forth with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Their anthology Machine Head, which contains the acclaimed Classic “Smoke on the Water,” is still advised one of the greatest harder bedrock albums in history.